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our iv experts come to you!

Let our IV Experts come to you !

Mobile IV Hydration Unit

We are a mobile IV hydration unit that comes to your home, hotel, business, sporting event, or special occasion. Our RN IV experts have been carefully screened and hand selected to provide you with an excellent level of customer service. Our RN IV experts will customize an IV package that will replenish and RE-HYDRATE you and get you back on your feet again!

How can IV Hydration benefit our lives?

  • Chronic dehydration causes stress on every system in the body, prolonged dehydration can start to break the body down.

  • Dehydration weakens the immune system and can also interfere with the REM sleep cycle, which plays a vital role in healing the body.

  • Dehydration symptoms can vary depending on age, health, physical fitness level & lifestyle.

  • Dehydration symptoms can consist of fatigue, headache/migraine, low grade fever, nausea, muscle cramps, brain fog, dry skin/hair, dark under eye circles, worsened inflammatory response caused by arthritis, lightheadedness, and change in heart rate and rhythm.

  • Re-hydration IVs can be used to maintain health, and to boost energy levels when you are feeling run down.

  • Recover from dehydration, illness, hangovers, athletic event/training & jet lag.

  • Intravenous therapy delivers the fluids to your cells without any interference from the digestive system. This allows 100% absorption, even if there are digestive problems this can be very useful in situations where oral nutrients or other therapies are not working. The nutrients kick-start those cells which are performing below optimum levels caused by dehydration.

When should you use IV Hydration?

  • Recovering from illness

  • Before & after special occasions such as weddings or bachelor/bachelorette parties

  • Before & after training and athletic events

  • Before & after travel

  • Corporate Wellness

  • Maintaining & Enhancing total wellness

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